You can choose if you want to relax all day on the beach or you need something to do… Luckily there are plenty activities year around for the whole family to enjoy. And the best is: wether you spend the day on the back of a horse on a trail ride in Nakusp, in a canoe on the lake right from the property, go for a hike or ski down one of the nearby mountains… At the end of the day you can cozy up in front of a warm woodstoves in one of our cottages.

Take a hike

There is a lot ground to be explored. Hike up the Valhalla mountains, visit the nearby, natural hotspings, explore the nature on the property or....

Watch wildlife

…and take lot's of pictures. Even staying on our property you might see deer, coyotes, lots of birds and maybe a bear if you are very lucky. Take the trails around the property. The “pink” trail takes you close to the Bald Eagle nest in one of our tall poplar trees. A spectacular site. You also might encounter coyotes, deer, elk, moose or bears. Bring binoculars.


We live right by the lake. You can swim in the waters, bring your own boat or take one of our canoes, kayaks or our paddle board. There is an island and waterfall right across the lake which is a beautiful sight in the summer. (Usage of watercraft is dependant on a signed waiver by all participants)

Chop some wood

Either you need it to keep warm at night (all accommodation has baseboard back up heat) or just to vent off some steam, feel free to chop some wood.

Buy groceries

You can buy all the essentials (beer, bread) right in Fauquier, anything more sophisticated can be found in Nakusp, just 35 minutes north.

Visit nearby towns and sights

  • 30 minutes north is Nakusp, this is where you'll properly do your shopping. There are some good restaurants too.
  • A bit further down the same road, around the mountains you'll find the town of Nelson. This is a friendly little city with a nice park and a famous historical town Centre and bridge. Enjoy a great round trip through Nakusp, New Denver, Kaslo, Nelson and back up the Slocan Valley to Nakusp. 
  • Don't miss Halcyon Hot Springs or Nakusp Hot Springs. This is a great activity on a cloudy or rainy day.